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Ornament Exchange 2017

Welcome to the Ornament Exchange Blog Hop 2017! I am so excited to be a part of this Ornament Exchange Blog Hop with all these other amazing artist. I hope you will take the time to check out all of their wonderful projects. Hopefully you have just "hopped" over from Sandy McTiers Blog. It not, be sure to "hop" over and visit.

Here is my project, a sweet little PRiM Wreath ornament.

For this project you will need the following:

  • 4" Round Scallop Ornament from Cupboard Distributing.

  • Stampendous Christmas Background stamp available from Cupboard Distributing.

  • Makeup Sponge or foam sponge, Stylus set

  • DecoArt Acrylics: Wisteria, Grape Juice, Light Buttermilk, Warm White, Watermelon Slice, Asphaltum, Whispering Turquoise, Victorian Blue, Irish Moss, Holly Green, Lamp Black, Titanium White.

  • DecoArt Media Gesso

  • Dynasty Series 206 Black Gold Brushes: #4,#6 Flat brushes, 10/0 Liner, 3/8" Angle Shader, Medium Mezzaluna Brush.

Lets paint:

  • Basecoat the surface with Wisteria.

  • Stamp with the Christmas Bacground stamp and Warm White (apply the paint with a makeup sponge).

  • Transfer on the pattern.

  • Basecoat the banner with a coat of Gesso (this will block the pattern from underneath showing)

  • Shade around the banner with Grape Juice.

  • Basecoat the banner with Light Buttermilk.

  • Line the wreath with Asphaltum.

  • Shade the banner with Asphaltum. Drybrush with Warm White.

  • Highlight the wreath with over strokes of Warm White.

  • Basecoat the house with Whispering Turquoise. Shade with Victorian Blue.

  • Basecoat the roof with Lamp Black.

  • Tap in the leaves using the 10/0 liner loaded with Holly Green and tipped in Irish Moss.

  • Line the stems coming out of the house with Asphaltum.

  • Use the 10/0 Liner to line in the pine boughs in layers as follows:

  1. Holly Green mixed with a touch of Lamp Black.

  2. Holly Green

  3. Irish Moss

  4. Warm White

  • Dot the berries with Watermelon Slice. Dot again with Warm White.

  • Line and dot the Snowflakes with Titanium White.

  • Paint the door with Wisteria. Shade with Grape Juice. Highlight with Warm White.

  • Paint the windows with Lamp Black. Outline with Titanium White.

  • Highlight the roof with Whispering Turquoise.

  • Line the snow with Titanium White.

  • Line the lettering and the stitching on the banner with Lamp Black.

  • Outline as desired with Lamp Black.

Click HERE to DOWNLOAD the pattern.

DecoArt Giveaway ...
Comment to Win !!!

DecoArt is providing the DecoArt product used in this project to one lucky winner. To enter to be a part of this giveaway comment on this blog post. I will select the winner on November 3rd. Each artist in this blog hop will also be offering the DecoArt Give Away so check their amazing ornaments using the links below.

When you are finished leaving a comment, be sure to "hop" on over to Lauré Paillex's blog.

Day 1 - October 17

Jane Allen Creates | Classic Amy Joanne | Franca Marzi | Judy Westegaard–Jenkins

Day 2 - October 18

Golda Rader | Debbie Mishima | Tracy Moreau | Linda Sharp, CDA

Day 3 - October 19

Sandy McTier | Deb Antonick | Lauré Paillex | Wendy Young

I hope you are enjoying this blog hop and are feeling festive and inspired.A special thank you to our sponsors, DecoArt and Cupboard Distributing.


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