• Deb Antonick

In loving memory ...

Today marks 3 years since my dear friend Terrye French passed away. It is always a hard day, she was very special to me and so very very many people. One of the pleasures I have , is to have been granted full permission from Terrye's family to continue to share, paint and promote Terrye's wonderful designs.

Today I would like to share with you a design that I did from an unpublished design that Terrye sent me a few years ago. Nothing made her happier that to see her designs painted and shared. She preferred the painting to the pattern making so I have quite a few that I like to make available on occasion. Please enjoy this FREE snowman download ... just for today. After today, it will go on the website. As with the sales of Terrye's e-patterns, the proceeds from the sales are used to keep the the Etsy site up and running.

(This design temporarily available as a free download for a limited time in December 2016 at Artist Club)

RIP Terrye, I miss you so very much.



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